God of War - Ghost of Sparta


The gameplay of God of War: Ghost of Sparta resembles that of the previous installments. it's a third-person single player computer game viewed from a hard and fast camera perspective. 

The player controls the character Kratos in hack and slash combo-based combat, platforming, and puzzle game elements, and battles foes who primarily stem from Greek mythology , including minotaurs, cyclopes, harpies, Gorgons, and satyrs. 

The undead legionnaires, keres wraiths, geryons, automatons, Boreas beasts, and Triton warriors were influenced by the mythology, but created specifically for the sport .

Tutorial Using Emulator

With emulator, you can save game on your android. you just need 1 emulator to run all your PSP ISO game.

Download Emulator Here:

And for the game, You can download it Here:

Thanks for downloading the game. we hope you can enjoy it and play on your android as well. cheers!
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