Manhunt 2


Manhunt 2 has updates made to the stealth mechanics of the previous game. for instance , players are now given more choices in terms of executing enemies. 

Aside from the three levels of execution per weapon, players can now use firearms for executions. Two further additions to the execution system are "environmental executions" whereby the player can use elements of the sport world (such as manhole covers, telephones, fuse boxes, toilets, etc.) to eliminate opponents, and "jump executions" whereby players can attack enemies from above by leaping off a ledge. 

Tutorial Using Emulator

With emulator, you can save game on your android. you just need 1 emulator to run all your PSP ISO game.

Download Emulator Here:

And for the game, You can download it Here:

Thanks for downloading the game. we hope you can enjoy it and play on your android as well. cheers!
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