Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen may be a top-down perspective (similar to GTA Chinatown Wars) arcade shooter during which you can't transform at will. Infact, a majority of the gameplay is played in robot mode with only two missions which you play in vehicle mode (and none of them allow you to fly). 

In comparison with the previous Transformers movie game, characters have less weapons only a primary infinite ammo weapon and a limited powerful secondary weapon, characters cannot interact or devour objects (some objects are often destroyed), many character animations look awkward and cutscenes are replaced with dialogue lines.

Tutorial Using Emulator

With emulator, you can save game on your android. you just need 1 emulator to run all your PSP ISO game.

Download Emulator Here:

And for the game, You can download it Here:

Thanks for downloading the game. we hope you can enjoy it and play on your android as well. cheers!
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